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Joy and dancing in Hydra's Carnival

Feb 20, 2018, 10:38

The Carnival of Hydra was very successful.

With enthusiasm and joy all the visitors became "one" with the residents, and lived in the rhythm of the traditional carnival.

With colorful carnival costumes, dancing in the port and singing by the famous artist Vaggelis Konitopoulos.

karn18_1.jpg karn18_10.jpg karn18_11.jpg

karn18_12.jpg karn18_2.jpg karn18_3.jpg

karn18_4.jpg karn18_5.jpg karn18_6.jpg

karn18_7.jpg karn18_8.jpg karn18_9.jpg

karnav18_21.jpg karnav18_22.jpg karnav18_23.jpg